Thermoforming softens a plastic sheet with heat, clamps it over a mold, and forms the plastic by vacuum.

At the Harva Company, Inc., we have refined our thermoforming process to create better definition and fewer errors across a variety of shapes, sizes and materials. We can incorporate sprayed conductive coatings and other processes to meet your specification.

Once we have created the form, we can machine the pieces using our CNC equipment, assemble them and label them with screen printing.

Pressure Forming

We offer a forming technique that adds pressure to vacuum for the most precise definition. This process is as detailed as injection molding at a fraction of the tooling cost. Pressure forming can provide greater definition, custom surface textures, tighter radii and thicker cross sections than standard vacuum techniques.

Our capabilities are augmented by other forming processes, including strip heating, drape forming and press-brake forming.

We have the process to make your product to your specifications.